Lori Koop

I found a fellow Etsy artist, Lori Koop, awhile back when she visited my little shop and I immediately took to her work. See, I took ceramics in college aways back and barely got by so I admire all who do it well. I did okay with the hand built stuff but everything I made kind had, well, flaws, major flaws. When I saw Lori's work I thought, now, there's a ceramicist I can get with! Her art is fun and stays true to the medium of clay. And she names her pieces with people names, one is named Beth even! (But I can't claim to be the muse for that one).
Go visit her!


Lori Koop said…
Thanks, Beth, for the kind words. Nope, it's not easy... but what good thing ever is?? Makes us appreciate more. I like that!! Hearts to you...

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