Luke Skywalker Isn't the Only Cute One Anymore (for Katie)

That's it....a sample chapter title of my new book, ladies and sure to tune in to Bionicles-No It's Not Hormone Replacement Therapy...where one woman/artist attempts to explain the wonderful world of the latest trends, gadgets and toys through funny drawings and weird humor.

I've been thinking a lot about this lately...about how much a mother does ON THE JOB TRAINING and how much easier it would be if here were like a "cliff notes" for all of the endless questions that we can barely answer correctly. You know the questions. The ones about Star Wars toys and characters that are either new to this day and age or were never a big part of our girl-based childhood. Many of these latest toy trends requiring higher learning degrees to decifer.

These are the questions that as you are answering them in the back of your mind you think that the Candid Camera crew is catching you on tape sounding so incredibly dim....Yes, kiddo Pokemon is JUST like a ferbie....and in some cases we could do real damage...let's take for example the fact that I completely made up my own version of the Spiderman song that my three year old now has taken to be legit, here it goes:

Does whatever a Spiderman can!
He's got webs and he's got STYLE!
He's got a suit that will make you SMILE!
WATCH OUT! He's the Spiderman!

It was late, I was tired...I got creative.
More chapters samples later......


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