No Boiling Rabbits Here

My husband and I have turned into Dexter addicts (pun intended if you've seen the show). It's an acquired taste for sure and most likely not for everyone. But as you may have read before, I have a love of things a little dark and funny. When my husband first met me the first thing he saw on my wall of my house was a Edward Gorey (a fave) Gashlycrumb Tinies's a poster about odd situations where children happen upon perilous death in alphabetical order.
I like to make light of things that aren't really supposed to be viewed as funny (but not at the expense of others of course.). It makes me feel better. And Gorey did not create the poster to promote the untimely demises of's meant to be, well, amusing and slightly off center much like the newer Lemony Snicket, Series of Unfortunate Events.
Alas, Dexter has A CRAZY ARTIST character love interest now (we are still in Season 2-Netflixin' it). I liked her. Liked her. Because of course now, her quirky, arty, huge disturbing sculpture ways have become Fatal Attraction like....
like a stereotypical artist....
I've never fit that mold. Did I trump around (and still do) in thrift store jackets with furry collars that I had to borrow $1.50 from my best friend to buy in college? Have I lived like a starving artist? Many a time. But I've never really gone art lady crazy (I know some of you can debate that). And my artwork, it doesn't really "make a statement"-it's purely selfish (now that's crazy, right?)...I just like to draw things I like. I had a terrible time for awhile (until Advanced Printmaking) with this at JMU. Everyone seemed to have a niche....and me, I just wanted to draw whatever came to my mind on any given day....hmmmm.....there's not a degree for that.
I did graduate with a BFA in Painting and Drawing but mostly printmaking because I felt at home there-those were my kind of crazy people.
Now I just do my own kind of crazy (see earlier posts)....there ain't no boiling rabbits in this artist's pot.


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