Olives, anyone?

I've heard that it can happen but I didn't BELIEVE it until today......my child FELL asleep in her high chair well before her nap time. It's like a big foot sighting. Head lolling, eyes a flutter, face in her Cheerios bowl. I better go play the lottery. More later....


Anonymous said…
I love when a kiddo hits the deck (literally) asleep in the high chair. It's so fascinating to watch. I feel like I'm watching something in such slow motion, but yet I can't stop it. It's so sweet, somewhat pathetic and so gosh darn funny, it's hard not to giggle too loudly lest I wake sleeping beauty. Unfortunately I've never mastered moving them from high chair to a more comfy position in bed.

Love the paints by the way. My kiddos are enjoying the Lyra colored pencils lately a little too much. I bite my lip when I see them use them and sharpen them and use them and sharpen them....they are getting rather short!


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