Shoe Saga #433

We bought J a new pair of shoes....his old ones actually had holes in them. I already knew what a fight it would be to get him to wear them.....and here's the play by play....

Me: C'mon, J, let's try on your new shoes. The bus will be here in a few minutes.
J: No, I LIKE my old shoes.
Me: All right, I'll pay you 100 pennies! That's a whole dollar!
(I have no shame, money, toys whatever....just get those shoes on your feet, boy)
J:How bout' 100 DOLLARS! (The boy drives a hard bargain)
Me:I don't have 100 dollars, J. Now c'mon let's try them out.
J: (loud guttural noises breaking into full on grunts) ewwwhhhhh....I don't like them!
Me: Why? They are brand new, they look great!

Well, at least there were no offending socks as well in this was a nice chuckle.
BTW:He did wear the shoes and all is, well, cushiony.


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