You Go, Miss Virginia!

Never ever in my 37 years have I been thrilled by a beauty queen....don't get me wrong, it's not a jealousy thing,well, okay I still get mad at the "bathing suit" when I read this, this morning in the Post, I was pleasantly pleased that my state's tiara adorned beauty queen, Tara Wheeler's beauty really seems to be more than skin deep. Inspired by recent St. Baldrick fundraisers , she decided (and cleared by her pageant "sponsors") to shave her head bald if she can raise $500,000 by April 11th.

"If I raise $500,000, I am allowed to be a bald Miss Virginia," Wheeler told the Post yesterday.

Let me just say that I will gladly give a donation to that kind of fun! And to what a great cause. I for one am ALL for a bald Miss Virginia and all of the smiles she'll put on some very special people's faces.
Click here to donate. I already did.


Wow...what a lady. I really hope she makes it.

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