Check All That Apply....

Kids' dentist questionnaire:

Kid #1 (my sensitive 5 year old son)-check all that apply concerning your child's disposition:
strong willed-check
I checked ALL of them.(I don't think you were supposed to check all of them.)

Kid#2 (my happy-go-lucky 3 year old son)-check all that apply:

Two very different kids....yet one very smooth dentist appointment, whoa. Child number one, he displayed really only the "friendly" attribute, okay, maybe a tad of nervousness.....we've come a long way baby and bonus, we found a really good pediatric dentist. A couple of years ago, the scene was me (5 months pregnant) wrestling said five year old up onto my lap for a consult. It was actually the dental hygienist's idea to plop him on top of my already uncomfortable belly. I still have looks could kill looks JUST for her, if I ever see her again.
Needless to say, we left that place, sour taste in both of our mouths and it has taken us a while to get him back to the dentist (myself as well, after that debacle). So today, was a triumph for the little guy. Yahoo, let's have a lollipop, on second thought make that a healthy snack. Chomp, chomp.


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