Dirty Little Secrets

Okay....it's been really bugging me....on the occasion that I really do get to sit down and watch an Oprah (I DVR them now)...I did sit down for the In the Motherhood show last week. And it's been bothering me....it's not just that Brain,Child has been telling it like it is for years (which it has) it's that the whole show seemed to center around the term "dirty little secrets"....well darn it! They aren't dirty and double darn it, they aren't secret. Well, they shouldn't be.
You know how I judge a mother/friend? By her sincerity and honesty. I/we have been doing it for years and now, two (three counting Cheryl Hines) well to do and well coiffed California gals are going to talk about our dirty little secrets as if it's something new? (Don't even get me started about the Hines' nanny situation-I used to be one)
Hmmmm.....this lady is taking out the duster, mopping up those words. There ain't nothing dirty about being honest. Ah, I feel better now.

(btw I had all of these fabric hearts leftover from my February show and so they are appearing in my collages....how very Earth day of me)


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