The Hammerly House



There's a crumbling, old, turn of the century Victorian in Round Hill called the Hammerly House. My drawing is what it looked like in its hey day. When we drive by it now, the kids called it the Spooky House because it is in shambles from years of neglect and abandonment. And it takes all of my will power not to go and look inside (way too dangerous of course).
It's such a shame. Was it haunted and deemed unlivable? Was there a horrible tragedy there? Did the family disappear in the night, Tuck Everlasting style? .....Nah, nothing so mysterious. It's the product of....a divorce. A fight between an estranged husband and wife as to who would get this Victorian beauty. Since no one could decide, the house was left to rot and disintegrate. And we could spend much time waxing and waning about the irony of the dilapidated house and its parallel to the marraige but darn it, when I heard about this senseless battle, I was appalled. Not about the couple but about the fact that the POOR house had to suffer the consequences, unforgivable! Oh, I could have had a marvelous time keeping that house in tip top condition. I would have kept your floors swept, your front porch full of people and your kitchen smelling of tarragon (see earlier post). Shucks.


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