I was sitting down yesterday with my dear friend, Shanthi (hi Shanthi) and we were talking about everything as we always do (you've got to love friends like that). We got onto the art topic and I brought out the typewriting manuals that I use in my art and read aloud some of the hilarious passages that women in the 1940's-1950's were supposed to type over and over and over. The books are full of "subliminal" messages as I like to call them. Type good. Be good. Good girl. And that my friends, is why I make things like the above piece. That chart was from one of the books-Error Analysis Chart. I like "repurposing" the pages. Do you think Amelia Mae Smith was typing out the lessons and penciling in on her "error chart" thinking....SOMEDAY, a liberated mother, artist and free spirit will be cutting out these pages and drawing and painting on them? Nope, neither did I.
Shift, tab, DING!


Sweet Mess said…
I came across your blog through your etsy site, and wanted to tell you that it made me smile. I especially love this piece! Thanks.

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