The Naked Eye

A lot of the stuff that stay at home mothers do is immeasurable by physical evidence-forensic scientists would have a tough time figuring out "what exactly happened here" in our day to day life-
"Yes, m'am it looks like we had a lunch here but judging by the yogurt splatter pattern on the walls and floor it seems that the baby didn't like it...."

There's the 52 memory card pick-up (x 20), the changing of diapers, the putting BACK up of art and object that constantly fall from the fridge, the breaking up of fights, the cleaning up of mud tracks, making and breaking down of lunch and breakfast and occasionally dinner is a undeniable presence.
And where's most of this evidence? Gone with the trash a lot of the time or down the hatch. These are the repetitive tasks that are imperceptible to the naked eye.

My husband used to come home and ask what did You do today, trying to be nice, have a conversation. But I took it as fightin' words and would rattle off a plethora of mysterious things that I couldn't prove ACTUALLY happened and then would scurry to defend myself. And all he was saying was what did YOU do today (no emphasis on the "do"). After awhile, he stopped asking and just went for the hug.
It is all about the small stuff, sweating it or not BUT ignore it and you can can buried under it's avalanche of little bigness.
I've been trying to actually get some house stuff done in the morning so that I can actually take a well deserved break...write up stuff like this and do a little art. That's what's nice about art, the undeniable, look I did this! (picture me holding up some art).
And I'm going to put it up on the refridgerator, darn it! And if it falls off, well, I'll just put it back up again and again and again.....


Dana Barbieri said…
So true!

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