I've been thinking about an earlier post lately...the one were I said my house was a mess. I hope you don't have visions of me in wader boots trudging through knee deep trash...it's actually not bad here, just a bit disheveled. Why do I worry so much about my home....and then I figured out where the evil root of this comes from, of course, my mother. (Mom-if you ever read this -I mean this good heartedly)
Perfect example:
I'm throwing a baby shower for my sister along with my other sister and friends. We're having it at my mom's house because her downstairs bathroom doesn't have a soccer ball potty seat that shouts out "ole!" when your kid deposits. And for various other obvious reasons...
So, here are some of responses to the evite I put together for my sister's baby shower...
Ellen-Yahoo! I'm there with bells on!
-So excited for you!
Jenni-Yipee, can't wait to celebrate the new baby boy and mom!
Diana-Wouldn't miss it for the world!
My Mom: Got the carpets cleaned.

Ba dum dum....cymbal crash!

Speaking of house cleaning again and I realized this does not bode well for my house is not such a mess statement so I must preface this with the info that our house backs up to a huge field, followed by a horse farm so we get mice (and snakes)....The mousetrap that you see above is fantastic. If you ever have need of one, I highly recommend it. It's so old fashioned and frankly fun (well probably not so much fun for the mouse but at least he gets a treat and stays alive) . The squeals of joy from your kids in the morning after one is caught will have you forgetting that you smashed your big toe trying to catch it yourself in the first place. And you can get it through PETA's online catalogue without having to promise to wear leafs over your private parts too.


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