My Girl Friday

I'm just waiting right now....I'm waiting for my own 16 month old personal shadow to wake up and then commence the day full of following me around and wanting to be picked up. I don't know if any of you out there have an overbearing yet lovable personal assistant but she's kind of like that. She's always following me around holding things up for me to see, check and approve, only she drools, poops in her pants and can only say dada, of course, oh, AND the dog's name. She's super cute and that's why I have gotten in the dang habit of picking her up all the time. Alas, I have a knot the size of a baseball on my right side and tendonitis in my left wrist, really.

It's a rare morning when she sleeps later than 8am, the boys are playing with vampire-like Bionicles (which, by the way, rank really high on my painful-toys- to- step- on list) in the living room and I decided I am going to stay off the computer of course, here I am.


Awww. I have a 15-month old boy friday (and his older 2.5 year old brother)
Rowena said…
Yes. I have a 2year, 1 1/2 month old Girl Friday, following me around, wanting to be on top of me all the time, unless she is crying "no, no, no, no, papa do it." That gets old fast, let me tell you.

But she also likes to set up next to me with her crayons and paper or her toy computer and be just like me. And she likes to pee on the floor and wave her skirt over her head... she hasn't figured out potties yet. So I guess sending her out for coffee and cruellers is off?

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