Queen Anne

It's been a really long week with a crying teething, following, want to be picked up baby. No wonder my back is killing me. Not too much funny this week. I know I try, I really do.
Last weekend I drove down to my sister's place in Norfolk....just me and the car (my old Forrester-how I miss you). It was a nice reunion, the two of us, hitting the open road and Ikea on the way. It was a nice break.
B often complains of his hand-me-down car, that he didn't get to pick it. I'm getting your leftovers, he says.
Awhile back I was told the Forrester was THE choice car for professors and lesbians. And then the very next day, I saw an older man with mask on face, hooked up to an oxygen tank, driving his Forrester down the toll road (I'm not kidding). Now, I'm sure this is not the image that husband wants to portray either.
But I never wanted to be the soccer mom minivan driving type either, I cry!
It's Car Wars....someday I'll steal my Subaru back and then I'm sure I'll be a professor with an oxygen tank and possibly without a husband if this keeps up. It's a joke people, a joke.


golly said…
This is like the War of the Roses. The poor house. It is still a beauty, perhaps it will have a second bloom.

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