Today I thought...hmmmm...putting more time in between having children (mine being 5,3,1), those people might just be onto's been a crazy week/weekend. There was a dog bite, ER visit, 8 stitches, a plastic surgeon and a stiff drink (or three for me).....all's well here in Fuller Land...other than trying to make light that the dog thought Jamie's red hair looked like an apple and wanted a bite...I'm probably not going to find much more humor in this as I usually am apt to do. Give your family a hug for me, wontcha?


Silke said…
Oh, that's terrible! I can't imagine... Sounds like everyone is ok, though, or so I hope!!
Anonymous said…
YIkes! Glad things sound better, although I'm betting your nerves aren't yet! Here's a big cyber "hug" for you!

jennifercailin said…
Hi Beth,
I found your blog through etsy studios/flickr--I think...and have been enjoying it! If I had found it earlier I really would have been such a great comment-leaver. We have some things in common--I'm a mom of three 6,4,2, and a former art teacher...and the Gashlycrumb Tinies! How funny. Last January I started doing some teeny tiny micron pen drawings for the same reasons: they can be finished, how satisfying...and quickly put away before my kids help me with them haha. And I felt like less of a fraud as an artist. Next goals are a blog and a new etsy shop! Anyway, I had to comment on this entry because I have the same thoughts about my kids being so close in age. Sometimes I feel like no one is getting enough, each of them hearing "In a minute" a hundred times a day. It is like triage--someone is always in some sort of dire need, and generally, someone is always pissed-off about something. Then there are the moments when it is just so fun to be a self-sustaining party of five, when everyone is happy and sweet, good times.
Oh and I'm enjoying your archives, too!
Give your boy a hug and yourself a break. I know about that little voice. My aunt says that when you have a close call like that, you are in better shape than if it hadn't happened at all. You will NEVER let yourself be in that situation again. And think of all the times you kick butt as a mom. So hard as it is, let it go--there will be tons of lifesaving for tomorrow!! It is what we do. Jenni

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