Blue Knob Nest

"You do a lot already, just think if what you could do if you didn't have kids hanging all over you all day...."-says my husband.
In this time of Hallmark Mother's Day (c'mon isn't it every day? ha ha ha)...I will tell you what I want...I want a hotel room with a view, a big ole' king size bed, my art "supplies" and an entire weekend to make stuff and read. Or I'll take a beach house, that would be okay too.....simple things. Peace and quiet.

Ahhh...but the kids....
.... the other day a friend of mine says, "Oh, I miss that, the baby, the little feet, tiny clothes, etc." Yep, it's gone in a blink. It really is, my cherubic red-headed baby is six now and shares inside jokes with me. I even gave him one of my favorite fine line Stabilo pens....he's a good one for detail. He looked at me as if I'd shared a wonderful secret.....I have one of Mom's pens!

So after this crazy hectic week-I'm going to sit down and play free the piggies with Anna tomorrow, do my best Batman impression and just be glad to be a mom -and that my friends, is a wrap.


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