Caution-This Could Be Alarming!

I'm not a big fan of summer...yeah, I said it! I know-the BLASPHEMY-who could not LOVE summer.
You see, it's sticky and gnatty in Virginia and I do love to be outside. It's kind of tough being stuck in house in the summer when outside it is a tantalizingly, beautiful day but if you walk out there you're gonna get hit with the humidity like a garden shovel to the head. Then's there's the fact that we don't have a community pool, don't even get me started on that....

Here's how I see it-in winter you can bundle up-in summer there's only SO much bundling down you can do before your neighbors start to talk. And let's talk clothes-in the Winter and Fall you can wear those cute jeans, soft sweaters....summer, options are difficult when you are a mother to really young are always having to figure out the "bend over factor" and how much cleavage you want to show......since you are always bending over to get things, pick kids up and push back breaking ride-alongs and big wheels when that child gets tired a mile from home. I don't like looking like sporty spice ALL of the time but cute tops don't tend to have been made for mother's with babies who like to play what happens if I pull this string.

Don't you worry-there are a few things I like about the summer-I do love the beach, the fact that it's lighter out later (even though it's tough to explain to the five year old why all of his friends are still running around outside at 8pm-we're sticklers for bedtime, believe me it's better for EVERYONE that way.) I love going to the park and more but all of that, it can be argued, can be done in a cute pair of jeans and a sweater just as well.


Silke said…
Too funny! We've got the same problem living in Georgia. I really had to get used to the fact that here, the summer months are the "indoor" months - aside from going to the beach, of course. My biggest problems are the bugs...
I am right with you! Houston is hot, hot, hot and I can't stand summer. I actually moved from Houston to Boston to get away from the heat...however it got hot in Boston and I didn't have any ac. I wish everyday could be like Fall.

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