Cucumber Eyes

Today....I changed the baby's diaper...
Found muddy crocs
cleaned muddy crocs
packed up a diaper bag
made a snack bag
rounded up the 5 year old from the BF's house
poured cup of cold coffee
let the dog out
fed the dog
apologized to the dog for no walk
took recently potty trained three year old son to the potty AGAIN
we didn't quite make it-change of underwear for him
change of pants for me
don't have the right toy
run inside get another
nope that's not it either
get to grandma's

Escape to a wonderful, warm, small and indulgent spa.....
For a gift certificate my husband got me for Mother's Day


A facial and me.....
I do like them.
Yet...... this time.....
What do you do if you have to itch your nose and your hands are dipped in paraffin?
And for the first time...I felt claustrophobic in my mask, couldn't breathe, couldn't scratch my nose!
Ohhh....the steam's too close....what if I freak out? Has anyone ever felt trapped under a mad mask? I can't open my eyes...Is that a crying baby? I hear a crying baby!
argghhhhh....where's the relaxation?
Do you think they would rent that heated bed to me for an know, just to take a nap?
Hmmmm...we could be onto something here.


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