It's a Barbie World Today

My three year old son, Colin (see above), is playing with our three Barbies this morning...yet the dialogue coming out of these statuesque beauties is more of a vicious battle between let's say Batman and the Joker with the appropriate gender switches made...

"I'm gonna get you lady....ahhhhhh" says Christmas Barbie. And she grabs a minuscule and frustratingly small Barbie piece out of Art Teacher Barbie's permanently curved hand.
And then comes the part that really made me crack up,
Art teacher Barbie exclaims,
"My I-Pod what have you done with my evil lady!!"
(apparently the little piece that will inevitably end up in the vacuum is an I-Pod)
"I'm gonna geeeeet yoooooooou!"

Ahhh, there's so much we could read into this couldn't we? Chuckle, chuckle.....

I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful comments and support about some of my latest (non-funny) posts. I started this blog two years ago simply to post art and ramble every once in awhile about my kids, being a mom and being an artist and the balancing act we do everyday. I only had the two boys at the time and I was barely keeping my head above water. The blog helped me find a community and an outlet.
Lately my head has been bobbing up and and down in those waters, some things taking my breath away, some things making me laugh until my blasted bladder betrays me (I had three kids, need I say more-TMI, thanks Kacky for that new acronym...BTW-I'm TWOH-typing with one hand-all mothers should know it-LOL).

So thank you, thank where is my dang I-Pod, evil lady!!!


Heh heh, all of your blog entry is so true.
Sweet Mess said…
Thanks for the smile!

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