Colin (3.5) and Anna (1) went for a ride on their "bikes" yesterday since I could FINALLY go outside...and we happened upon the neighborhood outdoor hobo cat. Anna was fascinated and Colin started talking to it,
"What you wanna do cat? What you doing? What you doing cat??" he implored, noticing the cat just stood there and then plopped down in the grass to just sit and after a brief pause exclaimed,
"Mom! That cat don't do NOTHIN' He don't do anyfing!"
And that about sums it up.

PS-I have a cat, she is currently not in my "custody" as I have an allergic husband. So no offense to the cat owners, we like them, we're just used to dogs the size of horses who are constantly doing stuff.


cathyb said…
Is that also a drawing of yours Beth - looooooooooove it!
I will become a regular visitor!

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