I found Picnik through a very talented artist's website as she was fooling around with different border for her collages through this photo editing program. Other than PS, I haven't given any of those programs much thought and then I found on Picnik, THE POLOROID frame...oh, no, look out people, I think this is my new format. Well, I think I may just be addicted to doing this to every piece of art of mine. Hmmm...this could take awhile.
Ah, the demise of the Poloroid. I still have mine. I still need to buy up film as I know there's little time left to hear that buzz, clack, picture....


Sweet Mess said…
Thank you so much for the shout out! I have to admit I was completely confused when I clicked on your link and was back at my blog~ took me a second before I realized you were talking about me! Sometimes the world seems so vast on the internet, and then sometimes so small.

I love that poloriod action too!
you should check out polaDroid. you might fall in love. (says the woman who just came in from using some of her last precious polaroid film!) *sarah

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