I'm amazed that..... kids still run around and scream at the top of their lungs whenever I turn on the vacuum
.....NOT that Kate Plus 8 's marraige is on the rocks but that she actually dresses her kids ALL alike depending on gender. I'm telling you, I never successfully dressed two alike, let alone 8, that's just plain crazy.
.....there are people out there who actually HATE Crocs, have websites about hating them....
1. Who has the time? And 2. these people are apparently not mothers...all mothers know that Crocs are like gold. What other shoe can a kid put on themselves (Anna can and she 17 months old), can be thrown in the washing machine, hosed down, squashed, drawn on, thrown from heights and not kill anyone and be run over by the car (yes, we have done all of those things).
.....Anthropologie hasn't come out with a "Loft/Old Navy" line so that we too can pretend we can afford such beauty.
.....all grocery stores don't offer free neck massages at the end of the checkout. Think of all the business they'd get.
.....shorts are still around as fashionable (or are they?)-I hate them.
......they haven't come up with an ad campaign that sitting down on the toliet is cool.....c'mon guys, really....surely there's a C list celebrity out there needing a cause, this could be it.
.....that my kids still don't sleep through the night and that any night it's a toss up as to who's going to play the role of night owl.
.....I can function on so little sleep.

Have you noticed the running theme of sleep in my posts?

Bobby said to me the other day.....
"You know, they ought ot make a place you can go to JUST SLEEP."
"Yeah", I reply, "it's called a hotel."
"No, I mean, a hotel that's JUST for sleeping, the best pillows, the 500 count Egyptian cotton sheets, low lights, choice of white noise, sound proof walls to keep out noise, control of your own thermastat, etc. There's no destination, no sights to see, just sleep. In fact this place could be in the middle of a corn field, no views, it doesn't matter, you just sleep."

Dreamland Hotel-coming soon......I'm already thinking of names for it, oh and there will be free neck massages.


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