I've been pretty good this school year.
Only forgotten snack once, library books a few times. I DID run the forgotten books with Anna and Colin in the double jogger behind the bus The Graduate style, so give me credit for that. I've gotten Jamie on the bus on time every day except once when we had to run an errand before school in the town 15 miles away. I knew we were going to miss the bus, so that doesn't count right? I've managed to always be home when Jamie runs home.Yes, that's what Kindergartners do, they run home. I read to his class twice this year and helped make a "Helping Hands Bag" which required the painting and the laying of hands all over a quite nice Land's End duffel bag for the school raffle.
All in all, I'm batting a 95%...not too shabby.
Until yesterday....
Here's how it went:
Jamie comes home from school, running, of course.
"Where's Kameron, Jame?" I ask-Kameron is the BFF.
"Oh, his mommy came to school today and they went home together. EVERYBODY'S Mommies were at school today. It was my end of school year party." (oops)
The boy does not look sad or damaged in any way, this is good. So I prod him further.....
"So were any kids' Mommys not there?" I implore, trying to make myself feel better. I also explain to him that Anna was taking a nap (which she was) and I had Colin at home, who was fussy, so that I couldn't come. (Read:I could have come but I would have had to jump a few hurdles to get there but alas I had forgotten.)
"Yep, a few. Even some kids' Daddies were there!" he exclaims and he rattles off about 3 or 4 names of the parentless kids. One kid, Josh, he mentions, we know well, he came to Jamie's birthday party on Saturday and got a goody bag-lucky him.
"Oh, so Josh's Mommy wasn't there either?" I ask
"No she wasn't there, it's okay Mommy...really, I had a good time."
"Yeah, see Josh's Mommy probably had to stay home with HIS little sister too. That's why she wasn't there just like me. So, his Mommy really wasn't there right?" I ask one more time to be sure.

"Right, Jamie says, "his GRANDMA was."

Oh, kid, you're killin' me.


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