De-Caf Double Non Mocha Sans Cream Latte

Have you ever noticed that most things that are bad for you start with the letter C?
cream (ice, puff etc.)
cheese (in moderation of course)
cocaine (oh, I can't wait to see the traffic I'll get from posting that)
The list could go on of course....
I am a coffee addict. I love it. And for the past five years I have had to give it up for the most part, either pregnant or nursing. And I love my warm cup of coffee in the morning, late morning, lunch, afternoon (well, it's not that much) but you get my drift. When denied something for so long, I tend to overindulge and perhaps I am drinking too much....I'm wondering if the reason I feel so tired these days is because of my little, warm, brown, best friend. I used to look at non-coffee drinkers and de-caf people like they were crazy....I didn't trust them. Oh, ho, ho, no caffeine for you, too good for caffeine eh? Man, it's an acceptable drug...what's a gal to do?
This could be interesting. Maybe I'll try it....I may just be making myself into an experiment.....and I may just be asleep on the couch.


lola said…
you've forgot "Champagne"!! ^^
(just in case you do not have coffee anymore!)
BTW: i love your art works.
Edmund said…
In the tune of Cookie Monster..... Ahem.. C is for cookie and thats good enough for me. C is for cookie an thats good enough for me. Oh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C. There is something wrong with me....

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