My Balancing Act

Okay so after that last post mentioning my dead ex-beau dream...I've been thinking and trying to figure out just what those dreams could be about and I have oh so many's a rundown:
1. I am mourning my young self-the 20 year old version...never have before but now is a good time as ever I guess....
2. I am feeling guilty about dumping the poor guy who died and not returning his phone calls even though he tearfully told me he still carried my love letter (when there was no email or texting, whoa, that's what we did) in his wallet many years after the break-up. He died alone with only his dog living in a town outside of Las Vegas, sad, I know....but definitely not my fault.
3. I am needing to treat people better (ahem...see post above) so that they don't end up dead and alone with their pets.
4. I am missing that feeling...that possibility feeling, not about love per se but about life in general. Had the "Is that all there is?" talk with a girlfriend the other night.....whew, that's a novel length post right there.
5.I could quite possibly be a bit overwhelmed these days by the sheer responsibility of keeping my loved ones well and alive.
6. Mortality is knocking me over the head.
7. Or simply put by my husband this morning......Well,Beth, you are just slowly going insane, aren't you?


Well, I guess any way you look at it, now is the time to treat yourself well as well as those you love! Sometimes it's easy to take people for granted.
Rowena said…
maybe it's all those things... although I still don't feel you should feel guilty about the ex dying.

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