My Own Personal Trainer

It's early Saturday morning.
It's just me and the two youngest, Colin and Anna heading to a 5K for a good cause.
I thought about letting my 30 bucks just be a donation and enjoy a cup coffee at home. But I know I need to go and show my support....
It's Tommy's Run for a Reason a race dedicated to a local boy, Tommy (2 years old) who passed away with no explanation, SUDC-Sudden Unexplained Death of a Child, last May. It's a sad story, heartbreaking.
And I realize in the car that my son is almost exactly the same age as that poor little guy would be if he were still alive. (They are three weeks difference in age.)

Now we are in the parking lot, it's a beautiful day, absolutely picture perfect and Colin has seen the amazing pool they have at Algonkian.....we start crying for the pool, we won't get in the double jogger, we are throwing a tantrum like no other, people are starting to stare....and this is THE WORST PLACE to lose it with my three year old son, yikes, keep it together Beth, keep your cool....this may be the longest three mile "race" of my life.....

And then suddenly something shifts, we started the run (I've actually never run with a double jogger, whoa, it's tough) and Colin snaps out of it...

"Go Mommy! Go Mommy you can do it! Wow, we are going fast!!! (We are not). Get those ladies!" he yells enthusiastically....apologies to whomever was ahead of me in the "race". He rode the three miles full of vigor and zest. I had planned on walking but a slow jog worked out just fine...and with such a little motivator in my carriage, I even felt pretty good.

I let him out of the jogger for the last 100 yards of the race. He ran through the finish line with a huge grin.
"I won! I won!" he exclaimed. This time people looked at us and smiled.

It was a good morning....crisis averted, race "run" and well, apparently, WON! And all for a good cause.... You should join us next year..and I'll bet Colin will cheer for you too.


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