Oh Baby!

(Inside cover of The Smiling Pool found on my shelf)

Last night-this morning-sleep is so highly underrated.
11pm-get home from soccer with cleated and bruised knee-baby is up and ready to play...what?
12am-lay on nursery floor nursing knee, Anna is reading the book Babies to me...here's the jist of it, "Baby. Babies! Baby. Babies!!! Baby."
Oh, baby.
1am-baby finally goes to sleep
5am-thunderstorm-bad timing thunderstorm!
6am-baby's up
10am-Put on Scooby Doo...kids are glued, lay on floor, baby playing with thumbtacks, oops
12pm-one kid down, one kid on bus, one more to go until a nap...ahhhhhh.


Elizabeth said…
That terrible storm made its way to us by 6 am, and it was as bad a storm as any I can remember in my lifetime. It was the lightning that actually woke me up, and the creepy green sky and echo-y thunder that kept me up. I, too, stayed up way too late last night... bad timing all around!

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