Useful Tip #2

(Car packed for car trip/vacation-or as a friend puts it-RE-LOCATION)

This helpful tidbit is not only for all of you fellow mini-vanning moms out there but for commuters too,well for anyone wanting to spice up their driving boys love this....try playing the brilliant John Williams' Superman theme, Indiana Jones' theme or Star Wars theme (even Harry Potter's is good) music while you're makes the boring trip to the grocery store or work seem LIKE AN ADVENTURE! Can't you just see the Tie Fighters battling you on the toll road? Want to feel like you're barreling down the road in a dirt covered convo truck trying to get hold of the Holy Grail?
Really try it and may the force be with you.


Kim Hambric said…
Hi Beth, Just came across your blog for the first time, or perhaps I should say I finally came across your blog.

I would love to load my car down with activities for a 7-year-old for a 7-hour-trip. Unfortunately, my daughter gets car sick (no matter what we do) and cannot look at anything in the car. So, we have SHOW TUNES, too. The Lion King and Wicked over and over again. Sigh. I did not know there was Harry Potter music. I will have to see if I can find that on Itunes RIGHT NOW.

As much as I am in awe of the world-wide-web, I love coming across someone I can relate to geographically. While I live in Central Pa. now, we relocated from Lovettsville, VA. Another one of the teeniest towns in VA. We actually almost bought a house in Round Hill.

Love your work -- its colors and its textury appeal. Now I will have to do my best and locate that magazine.

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