White Leaf Brown Plate

Okay...so there's a lot of art going on in Fuller Land.....the drawing just relaxes me, well, not as much as I'd like but good enough. I remember in eighth grade art class when I was introduced to stippling....yes, we were producing entire drawings using the method of repeating dots of ink...and I was thrilled. I loved it and for a person with scant amounts of patience it was good therapy for me. So, you may see more detailed drawings from me....rule of thumb, the more detail, tiny, ridiculous, repetitive stuff you'll know, the crazier things are in my house. dot dot dot


jennifercailin said…
Stippling! I remember getting a set of rapidographs from my grandmother for Christmas. They were so great...until I had to figure out how to clean them. I love those little microns now. When they are done, it's just a trip to Michaels and $2.
What do you use? These are really really nice. I am guessing that you are getting your artist's groove back. I also liked the tea mugs. Your work looks so cohesive & colorfully delicious grouped in your etsy store too! I see a studio fuller "style!" hee hee
I have seriously experimented with so many kinds of pens...the Microns, I love too. My favorite right now is the Copic Multiliner SP pens, a .3 and a .5..they run about 6 bucks a piece but have refills for less. One art order awhile back, I just ordered one black pen of almost every type I could find. I love the Stabilo 88 pens for the way they feel but they bleed a bit. Bleeding. I hate bleeding. I found an American Craft-Precision pen that I love to write with and sometimes draw.
My brown pen is a Martha Stewart crafts writing pen that you can find in the scrap booking section at Micheal's. I love them but they run out fast. And I'm weird about tips. I only like the rounded not the ones with the flat top.
I got a set of Rapiographs too for a X-Mas present! AND a 12 pencil Berol Prismacolor set.
I want to find a better brown ink pen but haven't. If anyone finds one let me know!!

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