Thanks to a family wedding where they gave out "soundtracks" there is a new rotation of musak in my car....here's the rundown...

Livin' On A Prayer-Bon Jovi
Let's Get it Started-Black Eyed Peas
Footloose-Kenny Loggins (this is STILL a really good song, people!)
Heya-Outkast (kids really love Outkast-and what kid wouldn't when you get to belt out"What's Cooler than cool-ice cold! Ice cold! Or "Shake it like a polaroid picture, shake it shake it!")

We listened to this over and over and over while driving to the lab to drop off my "what's wrong with me" samples -I won't even go into that even though it is hilarious (for a sick humored person, that is). I just haven't been me for about 5 weeks now and I finally broke down to submit myself to ridiculously humiliating tests that will eventually give me the diagnosis of....ta da, nothing. What's wrong with me?....well it's either a sinus infection or cancer or I ate some really bad sushi awhile back, you know, something like that. Man, I do hope they come up with something. They can even make it up because this thing HAS GOT TO HAVE A NAME....so I can curse at it better.

On a nicer note- I recently accepted a job to teach part time at a local middle school. This will require me to work every other day (one week- M,W,F the other T/TH alternating) as the school functions on a block schedule and off in the summer. I'll be teaching sixth grade art. And I even have my own art room! It's the perfect fit for me. I'm not quite sure what I have gotten myself into but I am excited nonetheless. And I am thinking that I am going to have watch what I say on this blog (I know it's pretty PG anyway) ... crafty kids these days, they might find me and ask me "Ms. Fuller, what's cooler than cool?" Ice cold, baby! Now about that diagnosis.....


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