Grade F

I try not to do things I am not good at (as far as I know, ha ha).....well, I do sing but for the most part if I stink at it I usually don't do it.
hitting balls with bats-stink-a-rama
following directions-double stink (wish I didn't though)
math-extra stink (thank goodness for my husband on that one)
taking care of house plants-stink, stank, stunk

I knew I had a problem today when I sent in my Consumer Reports trial subscription today just so I could get the free book How To Clean Everything. See, the thing is that I like a clean house as much as anyone but I am really clueless as to how to get it. And at this point in my life-it isn't about the aesthetics so much as it is about the mice poop, terrariums full of bugs that the boys have littered about the house and of course, my toxic four boys bathroom. I just don't know the tools, the methods, the cheats...whenever I get the house professionally cleaned (which is like once a year) I follow the ladies around like "How do you do that? Now, what did you use there? I didn't even know that thing could SHINE!"
I was no princess being brought up-don't get me wrong.
I just wasn't paying attention "in class" as usual.....I was probably doodling something....


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