Hermes Schmermes

Maria from Noisesideup's version of the Hermes' bag
WITH no crocs killed in order to make it.
Less mess, clear conscience, 1/3000 the price.

Got this from PaperNStitch I completely out of it? Does everyone know that handbag companies such as Hermes are cooking up crocodile farms in Australia just to make 100K handbags- yes, you read that right 100K or more for each measly ugly bag.
So she drew up these bags (love her linework) as an alternative-(c'mon rich gals-I know that 35 dollars is really beneath you-having being used to paying 100K for a bag and all but think of it this way-you could buy 100,000 of them!) and a part of your purchase will go to animal rights charities (oh, that's not good for the rich gals). Holy cow, I just can't believe how stupid people are.....sorry, this just takes the cake, er, the croc.


That's great. Here's a Birkin bag someone made out of trash:
MGU said…
Thanks so much for this :)

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