Queen Bee

I saved my sister's life when we were in high school....literally.
Not from a bad hairdo, weird date or toliet paper stuck on her shoe but a real bona fide rescue.
My younger sister had been really really sick and running a high fever when I noticed and diagnosed that the "rash" all over her legs wasn't a rash at all....they were little tiny blood clots dotting her legs like the corrections on my geometry tests....let's just say, too many to count. I called my mother who was working and the doctor said get her to the ER asap. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctor's hadn't a clue...but I did. And all because I had learned about meningitis (which is what she had) from my 10th grade health class...you know the one, the one that told all about how doing drugs are bad for you but then proceeded to go on and tell you the groovy things you'll experience if you do (what is that?)...anyway...I guess I HAD learned something. And how is it that I figured out before a team of qualified doctors?

That whole experience really tainted my view of the profession, doctors in general and now I simply won't go to a doctor UNTIL A LIMB IS FALLING OFF....I know I am really bad.....
"How long have you had this intestinal bug Mrs. Fuller?"
"Oh, three months."
Doctor passes out.
I am much better when dealing with my kids though so don't start calling social services just yet.

Yesterday, I couldn't put the little miss down (she's 18mths and getting a ton of teeth all at once). She screamed and screamed. I motrined her, tylenoled her and she still was a mess. It was surely the good ole' ear infection scream. So I made a last minute appointment for her, thinking obviously something's wrong...it can't be ALL teeth. We braved the germy teeming waiting room, the treacherous spit filled books, the grimy balls on a wire toy that is required by law to be in EVERY kid doctor's waiting room.
The doctor looks, inside, outside, yep, confirms that that's a lot of teeth to get all at once. And finally let's out with a sigh....
"I think what we've got here, Ms. Fuller is a case of...."
What, what?
"A drama queen."

Oh no, just like her mother.


KackyK said…
LOL!! This was hilarious! It feels great to prove a doctor wrong, but is so humbling to be proven wrong yourself about your own child!

(Like my kicking butt avatar? My favorite past tv character...I really would like to be her when I grow up!)

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