Slow Crawl

I completely freak out when I see turtles crossing the road...and out here we see them a lot. Many a time I am able to stop the car, run out (hope it's not a snapping turtle) and save the poor, helpless little guy. It's got to be the vulnerability, the slowness, little legs moving as fast as it can, or not, the shell that can crack, that just gets me.
Baby Sam was born last week five days after his due date but he came nonetheless....and I have been thinking about motherhood, seeing my sister slide into the role...the adjusting, the vulnerability.,the weariness...Many times I found myself just plucking the baby up, wanting to help so much as I didn't have a sister with three kids under her belt to help/coach/reassure I jump out of the car for rescue or simply keep the engine idling near by?
I am so thrilled to have the pleasure of being able to help, to listen, to calm a new mother's nerves....and those two are doing it, really making it across, slowly, step by step much like two turtles walking across a busy road, both mother and son.


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