I'm on an all liquid diet for 36 hours.....something in my body is rebelling and we are trying to root the traitor out (And unfortunately, I can no longer put this madness in the I've had 3 kids in 5 years excuse column anymore-we're bringing out the big guns). So, if this bile-like rebel doesn't kill me-gosh darn it, this fasting will. By the end of the day I expect to be ONE HAPPY lady, yikes. All of this on the DAY after we get back from the beach. Who scheduled this? Ooops, I did.

However as I drove home from the Outer Banks I did some really good thinking:
(I choose to drive so I don't have to constantly crawl into the back seat and adjust the DVD player or pick up dolly baby for the three zillionth time)

I thought about how I would be the first in line to buy ANY type of car with a limousine window in it.

That I could solve my laundry problem by buying more laundry baskets.

And should I feel bad using all of those FREE address labels I get in the mail?

Well, I'm off to float away, gulp.


Anonymous said…
After a long car trip with our three boys, my husband and I decided we want a headset that allows us to talk to each other but blocks out all other noise. I think some motorcycle helmets have a set-up like this (radios? walkie talkies?). And I am jealous.
jennifer cailin said…
Limos windows!!!
Best wishes on your fast, and getting to the bottom of it all.

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