Sorry Can't Talk Now.....

A new mom friend of mine recently fell to the persuasion of a woman peddling books at her front door. She being her usual kind self, let the saleslady talk and talk about the wonders of the books (which she said did look great) their educational factors being written bi-lingually AND ALL of this at the poisonous hour of 6pm. She, being a new mother with dinner on one hand and seven month old baby on the other hadn't a brain cell left to say "Thank you for your presentation but this is a really bad time for me (and for ALL mothers and parents in the whole wide world for that matter) " And she subsequently wrote a check for the books (I can't tell you how many times I'd love to just pay someone to leave me alone), and all the while probably wondering where her before-baby- brain went.
And so I mentioned to her that even though she won't get this pre-kid brain back (sorry, it's true) She NOW has a wonderful tool to get her out of sticky situations-THE KID(S)!
Here's an example, now repeat after me.....

"Sorry, telemarketer, can't talk now the baby is crying and projectile vomiting."

"Sorry, weird looking teenager at the door with pad in hand who doesn't appear to really be selling anything, my son just let the pet snake out of it's cage and it's loose in the house trying to eat our new baby kitten."

"Sorry, gruffy ex-convict man with truck full of frozen hunks of beef, the kids are setting the house on fire, I've got to go and find the extinguisher."

"Sorry, Girl Scout selling delicious Girl Scout cookies......WHAT? Yes, of course I'll take 20 boxes of Thin Mints, 25 Tag-A-Longs....."

It takes a little practice but I'm sure in no time you'll get the hang of it....


Anonymous said…
This is why I have 7 line works every single time "Oh I have 7 kids, I have absolutely no room in my budget for whatever you are selling." They are usually stunned by that number for just enough time for me to slam the door!


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