(An American version of the British saying "Keep Calm and Carry On"-cracks me up)

It's that time of year again....the time I enjoy very much and have for many years. I love going back to school, loved the new set of 64 crayons (boundless possibilities), the shiny new shoes, backpack with unstuck zipper and more.....zoom to's not a happy time in the Fuller house. Gone are the free days of bug hunting, Bionicle building and SpongeBob on demand because it's time for CHANGE, baby. And gosh darn it, it starts at 7am on the dot, up and at em'.

And although my oldest (1st grade) does love school-I mean, I just witnessed his yellow clad body wizzing across the playground in jubilant glee (no wonder he's tired when he gets home from school)...he hates change even more. And he will fight it with every ounce of his body and take you down with it if he has to.

The key is this year is NOT going to catch me off guard like in years longer will you hear the words, "You're too old for this! Haven't we grown out of this behavior?" coming from my mouth or lingering in my thoughts.
In fact, I am so ready that I am completely expecting when I deposit his red headed 18 year old body in a college dorm years from now the fight will continue....albeit it will cost me like 100 grand and show up in even less agreeable forms (yikes).

Needless to say, things are really busy here. Yesterday was my first day back teaching too and I loved it. Sixth graders are cool....they just don't know it yet and that's what makes it cool.
So folks,there you have it, I know the secret. I know how to remain calm and carry on, brace for the the storm and repeat over and over "This too shall pass...this too shall in 18 years......" chuckle chuckle.


Elizabeth said…
That is the wisest thing I've heard in a long time--I think that about G all the time, the "why haven't you outgrown X or Y or Z...." She is who she is, and the sooner I get a handle on that the happier everyone will be
: )
Hope your school year goes well--exciting that you're back in the classroom! Share some stories for those of us not back there yet...
Jenni said…
I have just TOTALLY enjoyed reading your blog. Seriously. I've laughed, been enlightened and then laughed some more. So thanks. PS...I am an art teacher too. Best job in the entire world.

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