Close-up of one of my favorites-
Wayne Thiebaud
His paintings are so thick with paint- it looks like real frosting

Love this piece but forgot to write down who the artist was.

National Art Gallery-East Wing (best wing)

Just a few pictures from my excursion before school started. I love the NGA. I can't wait to take my kiddos there I think I can, maybe soon. Up until now, they would set off all of the sensors and try to eat the Thiebaud cakes.....I have more but my computer seems to be possessed right now and there is so much work I really need to be doing. BTW-I am not worrying anymore, really, not after seeing the Oprah the other day with the woman who had the first face transplant in the US. I am sitting there thinking, my goodness, I absolutely cannot think my worries are all that important,really....enough said....nothing like a good Oprah to put you in your place. over and out.


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