Getting Our Grey Gardens On

(note the bathing suit on top of Drew Barrymore's (Little Edie) clothes)

(Anna doing her impression of Little Edie-who (played by Drew Barrymore) in the opening scene of the movie is wearing her bathing suit on top of her clothes-see 1st pic
Who dresses this child?)

I had the pleasure of taking in HBO's award winning movie Grey Gardens the other night. I was so excited to see it after reading about Grey Gardens in the Post awhile back. First the house caught my attention and then the real life too big to be true characters brought me all the way in, Edie Bouvier Beale and her daughter little Edie....Big Edie being Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy's aunt and little Edie her 1st cousin. The two lived in Grey Gardens in the Hamptons and let the place disintegrate into complete squalor (dead animals, holes in the roof/ceiling etc.) but all the while loving and fighting with one another...just like mothers and daughters will least, once again, I know that some families live(d) a lot messier than mine, I KNOW there I go again, another great thing to hold myself up to (chuckle, chuckle).....


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