Halloween Comes Early

Okay-I love David Sedaris. He's a writer that I usually don't wait for the paperback for...that's how I measure writers-hardback worthy? Yes, he is. But I have to say-he's not for everybody. Like for instance, he's not for my ultra conservative mother-in-law......so you can imagine my horror when I found out that she had recommended Sedaris' latest, When You Are Engulfed in Flames to her book club after seeing me enjoy it so much at the beach in June.....she recommended it before reading it herself and based solely on my hearty chuckles to
HER ENTIRE BOOK CLUB FULL of ultra conservative Chicken Soup for the Catholic Soul book lovin' ladies, swallow, gulp, gasp.....I have now entered into Dante's bad, bad daughter-in-law inner ring of you know what (let's not get me into any more trouble here).

My mom broke the news to me....she is in the same book club as my MIL but is one of the less conservatives of the group. She does enjoy Sedaris even in all of his over the top glory of course probably not as much as me since I only have 37 years of Catholic guilt to her 60 plus....So, I am now wide eyed and cringing, I think I am even feeling a bit sick to my stomach.....My mom went on to explain that she wasn't at the meeting when they picked the book and knowing the audience she said she would have simply put a disclaimer out there.....not for the faint of heart, ladies.....hold onto your rosaries.

I can't help it...it does make me smile now that the shock has worn off.....that his book could have ruffled so many feathers in one fell swoop... that this gaggle would have never picked up a book with a cigarette smoking skull on it-(as if THAT didn't tip them off)....if it weren't FOR ME...you can thank me later, David, for that little boost in sales last month...but right now, I am going to sit in my "inner ring" and try to not be engulfed in flames.


Elizabeth said…
Tee hee hee hee. This is the funniest thing I've heard all day.

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