Sweet Singing

I love the end of the year best of lists......one of my favorite songs this year was Beyonce's Single Ladies....seriously, even if  you're not a big pop music fan you can't help but sing this over and over....and of course, I've changed it to fit various activities in my home...like "If you like me then you better put a poop in it." (potty training is so much more fun with Beyonce).... I loved this version by Pomplamousse when I saw it awhile back. If you thought Beyonce's version was catchy now you'll have this to really get stuck in your head (trust me)Enjoy.

P.S-I had to put a comment moderation thingy on this blog because I am actually getting enough traffic to catch the interest of some crazy questionable spam comments with some really inappropriate links...so don't be deterred, I LOVE to hear from you...I promise to "approve" your comment as long as your not Miasako from Luv Me Babe dot com........really, seriously!


Rowena said…
agree. love this song. ever since it was on Glee, I walk around waving my hands in the air and singing. I'm gonna try that potty training version.
That is great...I love this better!

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