Breaking News!

Breaking News In Fullerland:

Husband shaves almost 4 year old son's hair into a mohawk-a real one!

Same son is acting very cranky which is very out of hairdo issues?

Husband takes son to doctor, thinking head lice- NO, it's dried up mousse from mohawk!

But finds out son does HAVE double ear infection.....explaining the cranky and thus redeeming himself, though only slightly (hee hee hee).

Beth finds out she can NOT eat the grass in the front yard-fertilizers, shucks.

But she is finding healthy alternatives to her soft, warm, buttery morning bagel and she is losing weight-bonus!

But Beth also finds out she's LACTOSE intolerant as well...rat farts!

Well at least now, she can steal back her mousse from her husband.

In conclusion, the Fullers are looking good and, my friends, that's all that matters...right? (chuckle, chuckle)


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