Cracked Open

My husband and I gladly threw out every parenting advice book we ever owned a few years ago. It was so fun to hear the thunk of the books hit the bottom of the trash can. I didn't even offer them to other people, or swap them on PaperBackSwap because no one should be so confused as I was after reading them.
Each book contradicted the other, each one with its own nauseating flair of self righteousness...I couldn't take it anymore.
Yet today, I am awaiting the book...yes, the book with all of the has been suggested to me by many friends. I have not wanted to own such book as I don't want any more dang advice (from people I don't know)...but alas Raising Your Spirited Child is in the mail waiting for me to crack its cover and discover that yes, I do have a very sensitive child (I knew this already so no news there). The thing is I want to know why...why does my child not want to wear jeans? Or socks with seams? Why does he start crying when I suggest we go to the movies? Or I cut the crust off his bread the wrong way...why does he lose it? And what can I do, aside from mixing Xanax into my smoothie, to make it better for all of us.
I'm really interested to find out what makes this special brand of kid tick. I should understand some of it, I really should. Many years ago I was riffling through my box of old report cards and found a report of me in pre-school....."Beth is a very sensitive and independent kid. You can see her gripping her pencil until her fingers turn white before she will ask for help."...I know I've mentioned that I used to make my dad pick all of the pills off my socks before I would wear them. Wait a minute......I bet my mom has a copy of this book.

(P.S-Got the book-wish I had had this three years ago.)


Elizabeth said…
oh, I'm so glad you think you'll find it useful. I am definitely a little hesitant to recommend "advice" books, but this one is different—it sounds dramatic, but this book was a LIFELINE for us (and me in particular, since I spend a lot more time everyday with G). I keep it in the shelf above my computer so I can refer to it often. And yes, I was a little sheepish to realize that I saw myself in a number of sections : )

Here's to a winter full of no-sock (or anything else clothing related) drama.
Jenni Horne said…
I knew I liked you the first time I found your blog, and now I know we are kindred spirits. Everything you just said, I could say too. Down to the jeans and socks, seriously. Gotta get that book for some insight on my little MG. I'll be back......

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