Mourning the Malt

Sigh....I've had this clipping from a magazine for a year or more....finally got my Martha Stewart on and I am making them with the kiddos today..alas, I find out I am allergic to them. Drat! How can something this darn cute be poison?
Okay, I promise not to complain much more....just give me a little more time to mourn my malt (it's in the rice crispy treats that are the body of the FrankenTreat-yep/and of course, pretzels are a no no).
I do promise this blog won't turn in a Celiac-Count-Em 3 whole different ways to get your carbs on -blog. I am SURE to find something funny in all of this. Just give me pretties (insert witch cackle) just give me time......


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