Never Ever

It was a really crazy week last week....getting diagnosed with an auto-immune disease was just one little thing...then somehow, my brain thought it would be a good idea to have my son vaccinated at school for the N1H1 flu. Hello? What? (btw-I am not commenting on the actual vaccinating, I'll keep my opinions about that to myself-what a quagmire)....
It could be said that I was preoccupied last week.....but really, what was I thinking? I know who I'm dealing with here and WHAT I am dealing with-a traumatizing school day for the less hardy.

Sending my sensitive child to school to get a shot?? I might as well sign up for homeschooling right now (And I am so sure that the school police would come knocking on my door because I just know that my kid would end up doing an art project for every single thing in the curriculum. Let's paint math facts! and so on-well, actually that's not such a bad idea)

Of course
, I would never get him to go to school EVER again, I mean that, never ever ever again. I'm hoping going on this gluten-free diet will somehow return my brain to working capacity, give me more energy and return my creativity (which has been in the dumps). It's a tall task but I'm counting on it. Well, I know my son is, for sure.


Sweet Mess said…
I hope you do start feeling better soon~

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