Vampire's Grown-Up Style-Happy Halloween

My grandmother (Genevieve) had a bookshelf full of romance novels in her Mama Bear super soft pillowy bedroom. Each book was a mass market paperback, the kind that spine's crack and leave curved white lines, like scars. I would look at their baroque covers not all interested in adult affairs. I was still into Little House and Little Women. These women were way too "big" for me.
Recently, when my book club chose to read Charlaine Harris' Dead Until Dawn (the HBO series True Blood is based on them-intriguingly good show-esp. the opening credits), I got to enjoy that cracked open mass market paperback mystery romance that my grandmother so apparently enjoyed. And it was FUN.
The book was cheesy, romance laden, blood soaked and full of tongue and cheek. I would sneak it around, reading while laundering, reading while eating dinner, reading about an ancient vampire (Bill Compton) and a modern day waitress' (Sookie Stackhouse-what a name) illicit was like cotton candy, no chewing, no work, just sugary enjoyment.

Right now, my sixth graders are really into the Twilight series with romance stars, Edward and Bella. I started reading the series over the summer so I could better know my 6th grade audience. But alas, the teen vamp lit is still on the shelf, as I am really enjoying the Harris books.
So for now, in my little undead battle, Bill Compton is kicking Edward Cullen's you know what.
Older is better, it's true.


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