Cry of the Wild

Flash to me and Jamie-we are in Target. It is back to school time in September. We are picking out NEW stuff-and as far as kids go, it doesn't really matter what it is, it is new and it is exciting. Except for J, who is proceeding to rain on my shiny unsharpened pencil parade and I am about to snap a three ring binder on his head. I want to yell. I want the other mothers who know my pain to hear me. I am calling out to them, a wolf cry. Or it's more like a dog whistle. And most of you can hear it...but of course, there are a few mothers of perfect children who are deaf to it .... they are in denial, of course.
I don't know what provokes me but it seems like when I am in public I am more likely to blow it an audience? Is it my way of making everything worse than it should be ?....Ah, the drama....This past Halloween we did our costume shopping in monsoon weather (you laugh, it's true). There wasn't an inch of our bodies that couldn't be wrung out and then used to fill a small kiddie pool. But with my mother's help (who stays positive throughout the mayhem-benefit of being a grandma for sure) we do it, Megatron, Scream costume check, and check....but not without me completely losing it in the Party City parking goodness, lady, get a grip.

So you may see me in stores but I rarely have my children with me (yeah and it's like 9:40pm). And I may look like I'm smugly smiling when your child is throwing a tantrum over forbidden SpongeBob fruit snacks but I'm really just smiling because I understand. And I think three ring binders are perfectly okay on a child's head- And hey, it's a pretty good cover especially if it's raining out.


Jenni Horne said…
Ah that book you recomended......oh that book. Makes me cry to know I am not alone and pissed that for 7 years I've been labeled a mother that can't "control" her daughter. Thanks for have been such a blessing for me and my little world of bare feet and naked legs in the winter.
Beth HF said…
I am so glad! It's EXACTLY the reason I started this blog-frustration and creation, what a combustible combo:)

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