Ditching the Diet

So I'm off the diet. It's like I've been given the day pass from the mental hospital. Be good, eat what you want, be back by 5. I've got about a week to ingest regular ole' stuff and we go back to doing the Celiac tests again. In order for my tests to ring true, I've got to get on the gluten. Turns out, not all of the proper tests were done. Do I have Celiac disease? Probably. But before you tell me that it's for the rest of my life-I want to be 100% sure...well, I'll take anything over 95. So I've made a list of all the foods and beers I am going to enjoy during this reprieve. I promise I won't have a pity party...just a regular party full of things I'm going to enjoy for most likely the last time. I've already called my mom to make her famous bread, perused the ultimately tempting beer aisle at Wegman's and found a Starr Hill sampler, I'm going to make gooey Toll House chocolate chip cookies and make a real grilled cheese and nibble garlic bread hot from the oven, lavish over pizza, a glazed doughnut, eat my regular morning cereal...and then check back in....hello, my name is Beth and I am a celiac. I've been off the wagon and now I'm back on.


Oh my, I hope you feel ok after ingesting all those delightful no-no's! My son's college room-mate, and one of my best friends sons, has celiac's, and has known since he was about 5 yrs. old. It is amazing how many more people are finding out that they have this disease. Although, I hate to use that word. Best wishes and health to you.
Anonymous said…
Have fun!!! My hubby loves Starr Hill, go with the Amber Ale! Don't you hate when medical tests aren't conclusive enough, darn and darn again. Well at least in this case, you get a treat or two with the inconvenience of doing it again.


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