Bedtime last night....two sons, two very different stories....(And don't get me wrong I love them both crazily, it's just like the weather in Colorado with the two, one minute it's sunny, the next it's snowing).

In three year old's bedroom:
"Mommy, let's sing a song about how much I like you."
Song proceeds....something about hugs, kisses, being nice and generally like-ability from a three year old's perspective.


In six year old's bedroom during the tuck in:
"So we're going to family bowling tomorrow night....doesn't that sound like fun?"
"No. We're not going, " he states grumpily.
"But buddy, you said you wanted to go, " I say.
"NO (emphatically) I did NOT (yes, he did). Plus, just where are they going to bowl in my school?"
"In the hallways, " I reply.
"NO, they're not (yes, they are). Plus, bowling balls will crack the hallways!!"
"They're not using real bowling balls, buddy," I explain.
"YES, THEY ARE!!!! (no they're not).'s the spice of life.


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