Medical Mystery Tour-A Rant

This past 5 months I've had quite the tour of doctor's offices, hospitals, co-pays, prescription drugs, diets, and our health care system in general. My diagnosis: DOA. And I, folks, have good health care coverage. So it really irks me to no end that certain members of Congress have put forth their heath care reform bill and it is no longer than my Beowulf (barf) paper in 11th grade honors English....This bill is infected with the disease of allowing health insurance companies to STILL reject a patient with PRE-EXISTING conditions. Folks, that means little ole' me with my crappy little ole' Celiac disease. That means you, yes you, with the UTI (considered a "pre-existing condition) oh, and don't EVER plan to get pregnant and then switch plans, oh no, because THAT is a PRE-EXISTING condition as well. Really. Really?

I'm sorry I'm not asking for much. I have friends and family who have different views than I, I respect other people's views I do, really. But let's face it, letting the government in on the health care option (as AN OPTION, people) does this: it BREAKS UP THE MONOPOLY that the health insurance companies have on us. It creates competition, competition my friends is good for ALL of the rest of us.

Because all of those Congress Peoples up there on that Hill, they have good health care coverage, they do. And they will never be denied because of a pre-existing condition even if it is plain ole' stupidity.


Rachel said…
Sorry to rant, but I must speak up. I also want to start by saying that I hope for the very best for you and your personal health care.

But. As soon as there is a cheaper public option, companies will stop offering health care as a benefit for employees. Everyone will turn to the public option. Taxpayers will have to pay for it. We will go broke.

I fully agree that health care as it stands is broken, but the Democrat plan is going to ruin our economy and wreck American health care (currently the best in the world). Why not regulate private insurance companies and break up monopolies? Do you really think a government bureaucracy is going to treat you better than you've been treated in the last few months? Have you ever been to the DMV?
Beth HF said…
I love a good debate. I think what I am trying to say is that YES regulating the health ins. companies would be in our best interest.
We may have great "health care" BUT we do NOT have the best access to it.

I have a friend who lives in London and she had her daughter there. She's American and living there currently with her British husband. I was so spooked for her. I mean, they have a "government" run system there. Not only did she NOT get denied anything, or pay anything, they had nurses come to her home to do a home check afterward. And she was able to have the type of birth SHE wanted to have not what her insurance wanted as is the case here in the States.
Our doctors here are top rate but not everyone gets to see them.

Now, do I think our government would do such a good job as Britain's? Nope. The UK started their system long, long ago.

I don't think everyone would turn to the public health care system. My family actually pays more than we need to for our insurance because we are happier in general with our policy. There is a "cheaper" policy we could purchase.

It is true, you get what you pay for. I just think that some of us should be able to have SOME kind of insurance, something, anything, even the public option which may turn out to be better than we all think.
Beth HF said…
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